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Barks of Hope is dedicated to rescuing, REHABILITATING, RELOCATING AND SPAYING / NEUTERING animals on the island of Puerto Rico. We believe in compassion, community responsibility and humane care for all animals.

Our Mission


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Urgent needs

With the Barks of Hope Mobile, we help people all over the island gain access to vet care. We will also transport animals to the airport for transfer to other rescue groups and rescue homeless animals off the streets! 


A Life

Barks of Hope is dedicated to improving the quality of life for animals on the island of Puerto Rico. We work tirelessly to rescue, rehabilitate, transfer and re-home the animals in need. ​We also provide food and medical assistance to low-income families that are striving to provide care for their pets.  ​We hope you will support us in our efforts!

Helping the animals of
Puerto Rico